Soccer Draw predictions APP

Draw Soccer Predictions: The Essential Companion for Your Football Predictions

As the creators of Draw Soccer Predictions, we at IT TRADING are thrilled to introduce our uniquely designed application to all football enthusiasts and bettors. We’re proud to say that our app has already been downloaded over 5,000 times and continues to gain traction in the football world.


Introducing Draw Soccer Predictions

Our mission with Draw Soccer Predictions was to create a tool that offers more than just your average football predictions. We wanted to provide users with highly probable, probable, and good chance draw outcome predictions for football matches. We’ve gone the extra mile to include sections dedicated to formations that could win away from home and the most favored at home. Our app also comes equipped with a ready-made bet slip, a useful feature for those invested in sports betting.

To ensure our users have the latest information and features at their fingertips, we updated the application last on April 12, 2023.

Your Data, Our Priority

We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to user data safety. That’s why we’ve designed Draw Soccer Predictions to neither share your data with third parties nor collect any data. Please note, however, that the user data isn’t encrypted, and currently, there’s no option for users to delete their data. We encourage all users to review the privacy settings and data usage policy before downloading any app.

Keeping You Informed

At IT TRADING, we’re committed to enhancing your user experience. That’s why we recently updated Draw Soccer Predictions to include an alert for in-app purchases, making the process more transparent and smoother.

We’re Here for You

If you have any questions or concerns about Draw Soccer Predictions, we’re just an email away. Reach out to us at, and we’ll be glad to assist.

Whether you’re a football fan or an avid bettor, Draw Soccer Predictions is here to elevate your football experience. Give our app a try, and let us know how it adds value to your football predictions.

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We look forward to hearing from you and hope that our app brings a new dimension to your football match predictions.