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The Method of 3 Draws in Football Betting

-draw method is a strategy employed in football betting that focuses on the potential of matches to end in a draw. This technique involves placing single bets on three different matches, specifically wagering on the outcome of a draw.

An essential criterion for this strategy is that the odds for a draw (breakeven) are at least 3.00, a condition that is met in the vast majority of cases. However, an often overlooked aspect that can significantly enhance your betting strategy is the value of betting on a draw at half-time, where odds are typically around 2. This can be particularly advantageous given the lower threshold needed to achieve a profit compared to full-time draw odds, which are generally around 3.

Identifying matches with a high probability of ending in a draw requires adept football knowledge and can be aided by examining the bookmakers’ odds for a win by either team (1 and 2). High odds on these outcomes suggest an uncertain match that could well end in a draw.

When betting 1 credit on 3 games, the total wager is 6 credits. The outcomes vary as follows:

Draw Betting Combinations on 1 Matches (2 singles bets)

Match Outcome Odds Potential Return for 1 Credit Bet
1 Half-Time Draw 2 2 Credits (no lose)
1 Full-Time Draw 3 3 Credits or +1 if half time not draw
1 No draw (HT or FT)   – 2 Credits

Betting on a draw with odds of less than 3.00 for full-time can be risky, as guessing only one tie would not cover the losses. However, incorporating half-time draw bets into your strategy can mitigate this risk, offering a more flexible approach to managing your wagers.

The bets must be placed on individual matches without combining them into accumulator bets.

This method is straightforward and, while it may not always be greeted with enthusiasm, its potential for profitability, especially when including half-time draw bets, is undeniable. By broadening the scope to include half-time draws, bettors can capitalize on the increased chances of winning, making the most of the betting opportunities available in football matches.